TRCN Registration Form 2024 How to Register Online

TRCN Registration Form 2024 How to Register Online. Are you looking to register for the TRCN online? Are you wondering if the registration is currently ongoing?

Find details about the deadline, what you need, the fee, and the steps to complete the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria exam registration by carefully reading this article.

Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria: Overview

The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) is part of Nigeria’s Ministry of Education. Created by the TRCN Act of 2004, its main job is overseeing and managing the teaching profession in all Nigerian schools, whether public or private.

The TRCN also runs the Nigerian Journal of Professional Teachers (NJPT) every year. This journal aims to share ideas and best practices among teachers and enhance their skills and understanding in the field of teaching.

Basic Requirements For TRCN Registration 2024

Requirements needed for TRCN registration in 2024 include specific documents:

  • Educational Certificates: Copies of your NCE, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree certificates.
  • Teaching Qualification: If you possess an educational certificate (like NCE, B.Ed, M.Ed), you are considered a qualified teacher and do not need additional teaching qualifications.
  • If lacking a Teaching Qualification: For individuals without teaching qualifications (like PGDE, PDE, or PDDE), you must provide this along with your non-educational certificate (e.g., B.Sc., B.A, M.Sc., M.A, Ph.D.).
  • Birth Certificate (copy).
  • Certificate of State of Origin (copy).
  • Passport photographs (4 copies).

The registration process for the TRCN exam can be completed once you have these necessary documents. The essential requirements for registering for the TRCN (Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria) exam in 2023 and the registration process are detailed below:

How to Register for the TRCN Examination

  1. Locate a TRCN Office: Find the official TRCN office in your state capital to avoid any fraudulent activities. It’s safer not to consult or deal with anyone outside these offices.
  2. Registration Request: Once at the TRCN office, express your intention to register for the TRCN Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE). They will provide payment instructions through Remita, asking you to send $3,500 to a federal account. Important: Only make payments as instructed and not to any personal or unauthorised account.
  3. Payment Process:

   – Visit a bank or computer café.

   – Specify your intention to pay for the TRCN exam using Remita.

   – Banks usually handle this smoothly, while café operators might need guidance.

How to Make Your Payment for TRCN Registration Form

  • Visit the Remita Platform.
  •  Select “Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria.”.
  •  Choose “Professional Qualifying Examination Application Fee.”.
  •  Enter the GIFMIS code (obtain this from the TRCN officer).
  •  Input the required details: amount, name, phone number, and email.
  •  Click “SUBMIT” and input their own ATM card details for payment.
  •  Never share your ATM card information with anyone to prevent unauthorised transactions.

This process helps ensure a secure and legitimate registration for the TRCN exam without falling victim to scams or unauthorised payments.

How much is the TRCN form?

Category ‘A’ (teachers with Ph.D.) ₦5,000
Category ‘B’ (teachers with Master’s Degrees) ₦4,000
Category ‘C’ (teachers with bachelor’s Degrees) ₦3,500
Category ‘D’ (teachers with NCE) ₦3,000

NOTE: When visiting the TRCN office on your own, the above TRCN exam registration fees apply.

Affiliated Colleges of Education may charge a fee to cover the costs of transporting your form to and 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Am I eligible for the TRCN exam?

Absolutely! You can register for the TRCN if you studied education in college or university.

To qualify for TRCN Exam registration, certificate, and license, you need a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE, PDE, or PDDE) if you pursued a non-education course at the university or have an HND.


TRCN, operating under the Federal Ministry of Education, regulates the teaching profession in Nigeria and introduces the Nigerian Journal of Professional Teachers to promote knowledge, skills, and professionalism among educators, aiming to align with global standards.