UNICAL Pre-Degree Courses and Requirements

The University of Calabar pre-degree program is mostly for science students. Consequently, science is a major subject in the majority of UNICAL pre-degree courses. Before we move on to the list of courses there, let’s first define pre-degree.

Predegree is a one-year remedial program at the University of Calabar. Successful students are admitted to the 100 level of a degree program after completion. However, not all UNICAL normal full-time degree programs are open to enrollment through pre-degree.

If your O’level results are incomplete, you may still apply for a pre-degree as long as you have plans to retake the WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB exam to make up the difference. What constitutes a pre-degree in Nigeria is covered in-depth in an article we have written. This is all you need to know. If enrolling in college through a pre-degree program is your goal, we advise you to look into it.

You should be aware that the pre-degree program at UNICAL is not very demanding. Pre-degree lectures are conducted at UNICAL from 7 to 8 am every day, Monday through Friday, and from 8 am to 2 pm on Saturday.

List of UNICAL Remedial (Pre-degree) Courses

UNICAL pre-degree program is made up of the following:

1. Pre-degree Science

Entry requirement: a minimum of five (5) SSCE credits in each of the following subjects is required: English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

A maximum of two (2) sittings should be required to get this result.

2. Pre-degree Agricultural Science

Entry requirement: You must have earned at least five (5) credits in each of the following subjects in your SSCE: English Language, Mathematics, Biology or Agricultural Science, Chemistry, and any other science or social science. This result should be attained in no more than two (2) sittings.

3. Pre-degree Education Science

Entry requirement: You must have earned at least five (5) SSCE credits in English Language, Mathematics, Biology or Agricultural Science, Chemistry, and any other social science course, with a passing grade in Physics as a requirement. This result should be attained in no more than two (2) sittings.

4. Pre-degree Arts

Entry requirement: You must have earned a minimum of five (5) SSCE credits in English Language, English Literature, Economics, CRS, and any other arts or social science disciplines. This result should be attained in no more than two (2) sittings.

List of courses available for admission into 100 level in UNICAL when you finish pre-degree

Following successful completion of the one-year Predegree at the University of Calabar (UNICAL), only the following courses are eligible for admission.

UNICAL Pre-degree Science program

Below are UNICAL pre-degree science courses for admission.

A. Faculty of Physical Sciences

1. B.Sc. Applied Chemistry

2. B.Sc. Computer Science

3. B.Sc. Electronics and Computer Technology

4. B.Sc. Geology

5. B.Sc. Geophysics

6. B.Sc. Mathematics

7. B.Sc. Pure Chemistry

8. Statistics

9. B.Sc. Theoretical Physics

B. Faculty of Biological Sciences

1. B.Sc. Fisheries & Aquaculture

2. B.Sc. Genetics & Biotechnology

3. B.Sc. Microbiology

4. B.Sc. Plant & Ecological Studies (also known as Botany)

5. B.Sc. Zoology & Environmental Biology

6. B.(SLT) Agricultural Science

7. B.(SLT) Anatomy/Histology

8. B.(SLT) Biochemistry

9. B.(SLT) Biological Sciences

10. B.(SLT) Chemical Sciences

11. B.(SLT) Chemical/Petroleum

12. B.(SLT) Geology & Mining

13. B.(SLT) Marine & Aquaculture

14. B.(SLT) Microbiology/Virology

15. B.(SLT) Physics/Electronics

16. B.(SLT) Physiology/Pharmacology

17. B.(SLT) Physics with Engineering Production

C. Faculty of Environmental Sciences

1. B.Sc. Architecture

2. B.Sc. Environmental Resource Management

3. B.Sc. Estate Management & Valuation

4. B.Sc. Geography & Environmental Sciences

5. B.Sc. Surveying & Geo-informatics

6. B.Sc. Urban & Regional Planning

D. Faculty of Engineering

1. B.Eng. Agric. Engineering

2. B.Eng. Chemical Science

3. B.Eng. Computer Engineering

4. B.Eng. Civil Engineering

5. B.Eng. Electrical/Electronic Engineering

6. B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering

7. B.Eng. Petroleum Engineering

E. Faculty of Oceanography 

1. B.Sc. Biological Oceanography/Marine Biology

2. B.Sc. Fisheries & Aquaculture

3. B.Sc. Mariculture & Marine Fisheries Resources

4. B.Sc. Marine Chemistry

5. B.Sc. Marine Geology

6. B.Sc. Physical Oceanography

F. Faculty of Management Sciences

1. B.Sc. Human Resources Management

2. B.Sc. Marketing

3. B.Sc. Banking and Finance

4. B.Sc. Business Management

UNICAL Pre-degree Agricultural Science programme

Below are UNICAL pre-degree agricultural courses for admission.

1. B.Agric. Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology

2. B.Agric. Agricultural Economics

3. B.Agric. Soil Science

4. B.Agric. Crop Science

5. B. Forestry & Wildlife Resource Management

6. B. Fisheries & Aquaculture

7. B. Food Science & Technology

UNICAL Pre-degree Arts program

Below are UNICAL pre-degree art courses for admission.

1. B.A. Mass Communication & Digital Media

2. B.A Modern Languages & Translation Studies

UNICAL Predegree Education Science program

Below are UNICAL pre-degree education courses for admission.

1. B.Ed. Social Studies Education

2. B.Sc. (Ed.) Economics Education

3. B.Sc. (Ed.) Political Science Education

4. B.Sc. (Ed.) Geography Education

5. B.Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics Education

6. B.Sc. (Ed.) Agric. Education

7. B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics Education

8. B.Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry Education

9. B.Sc. (Ed.) Biology Education

10. B.Ed. Elementary Education

11. B.Ed. Business Education

12. B.Ed. Educational Psychology

13. B.Ed. Special Education

14. B.Ed. Educational Technology

15. B.Ed. Guidance & Counselling

16. B.Sc. (Ed.) Home Economics

17. B.Sc. (Ed.) Human Kinetics Education

18. B.Sc. (Ed.) Human Education

19. B. (LIS) Library & Information Science

20. Adult/Continuing Education

  • B.Ed. Environmental Adult Education
  • B.Ed. Literacy & Vocational Education
  • B.Ed. Cooperative Management
  • B.Ed. Extension & Social Development
  • B.Ed. Industrial & Labour Education
  • B.Ed. Correspondence & Distance Education
  • B.Ed. Communication Arts Education
  • B.Ed. Social Work Education
  • B.Ed. Community Development
  • B.Ed. Women’s Education & Development

The following is a list of UNICAL prerequisite courses. Remember that following pre-degree, admission to any of those courses is open. If nothing else, this enlightens you as to the fact that not all courses at UNICAL are available for remedial entry.

Additionally, pre-degree students at UNICAL have the choice to select their favorite course while enrolled in the program. When filling out your course preference form, you’ll select the course that you want to enroll in. And for your information, this site is periodically updated with any new courses that might be available for admission through pre-degree.

We trust you enjoyed this knowledge. If you have any questions, don’t forget to leave a remark below.