How to Apply for UNIUYO Admission Deferment

How to Apply for UNIUYO Admission Deferment. The University of Uyo (UNIUYO) Management has made public the process for postponing admission, altering a course, and pausing study within one academic session. Candidates should review the whole procedure in this article if they would like to defer admission.

Deferment of Admission

Admission deferment happens when someone accepted to a university can’t start their studies in that year. To get approval for deferment of admission, the university’s Senate must agree, and the person must follow procedure steps. The University of Uyo (UNIUYO) has shared how to defer admission, change courses, and suspend studies from one academic session to another. You can find the complete process on this page if you want to defer your admission.

Deferment of Admission Process

Admission deferment happens when a person who got accepted to a school can’t start classes in the same year. To get approval for deferment, the person needs to:

  1. Attend the screening and qualify for registration in their chosen department.
  2. Accept the admission and pay the acceptance fee.
  3. Have a valid reason for deferment, like:
  4. Not enough money
  5. Being sick, with a doctor’s report from the University Health Services Director.
  6. Employer not letting them go
  7. Family issues

Good Reasons Why You Should Defer Admission

Delaying your start at school is a good idea if you have a good reason why you can’t begin your studies. The reasons should be explained in a letter requesting the delay, which needs approval from your school’s registrar and admission office. 

Some valid reasons for delaying admission include;

  • Health Challenge
  • Financial Crisis
  • Pregnancy
  • Lack of Academic Sponsor
  • Employment

Some valid reasons for delaying admission include;

Health Challenge

One of the most frequent reasons why students postpone admission is illness. Students’ good health is essential for the demands of postsecondary education. You can only manage your academic stress in this way. Students who are not well enough to be admitted must wait to be admitted until they recover.

Financial Crisis

Students face money problems like being unable to pay for school fees, housing, and other costs. If you can’t afford your education, you should request a deferment. During this time, you can gather funds to support your studies.


If you’re pregnant, you can delay starting school, and it’s okay. You have a choice to either stay in school while pregnant or postpone your admission if you prefer not to handle both school and having a child at the same time.

Lack of Academic Sponsor

Not having someone to help with your school expenses is a good reason to pause your studies. An academic sponsor is someone who looks after your money needs while you’re in school. This could be your parents, family, or others.


Employment is a good reason to delay going back to school. If students find work while in school, they can delay their return.

Requirements to Defer Admission

Here are the papers you need to delay starting school:

  1. Letter showing you got accepted by JAMB
  2. Certificate of origin
  3. Your birth certificate
  4. Receipt for paying school fees
  5. Results from your O’level exams (like WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB)
  6. A passport photograph
  7. Form with your personal information for students.

Deferment of Admission Form

You can obtain a delay of admission form for your application at the admissions or registrar’s office of your school.

For your entrance postponement to be approved, this form needs to be completed and sent.

To show that your deferment has been approved, this form needs to be officially stamped by your institution.


Postponing admission at UNIUYO involves a straightforward process outlined by the university. To defer admission, students must attend screening, accept admission, and provide valid reasons such as health challenges, financial crises, pregnancy, lack of academic sponsorship, or employment. Necessary documents and a formal request form are required for approval.