How to Print NYSC Green Card for Batch A, B & C

How to Print NYSC Green Card for Batch A, B, and C. Prospective corps members must print their NYSC Green Card as part of the online registration procedure.

This card is crucial for orientation and the duration of the service year. We’ll provide you with a thorough, step-by-step tutorial on printing your NYSC Green Card in this article.

NYSC Green Card: What Is It?

It is an online registration form that displays the personal information and equipment requirements of potential corps members. One of the prerequisites for NYSC orientation camping is the NYSC Green Card. Thus, make sure to print the Green Card and bring it, along with any other required paperwork, to the orientation camp.

Please be aware that until you print your Green Card slip, your online registration on the NYSC portal is not complete. The “green card” from NYSC is not actually green in hue. The word “green” just denotes the document’s significance because it gives you lifetime access to NYSC items, like orientation camp kits.

The NYSC Green Card’s Features

The NYSC Green Card includes the following crucial data:

1. NYSC Logo: The NYSC letterhead, which includes the head office address, and the logo are shown prominently on the Green Card.

2. Batch and Year of Service: This shows the particular batch and year of service that you are signed up for right now.

3. Call-Up Number: NYSC has given this special identification number to each and every potential corps member. You can use the call-up number as a point of reference for your deployment and NYSC program involvement. It is imperative that you become acquainted with the structure of the NYSC call-up number.

4. Personal Information: Your complete name, birth date, and place of origin are among the vital personal information included on your Green Card.

5. Contact Information: For communication purposes, we have your address, phone number, and the state you visited when registering.

6. Next of Kin Details: Your next of kin’s name, phone number, and address are also included on the Green Card. When it comes to emergencies or critical communications, this information is essential.

7. Education Qualification: This section contains information about your educational history, including your grade, school, graduation year, and course of study.

8. Details of the Kit Specification: The size of your NYSC kit, which you selected online during the enrollment procedure, is specified on the Green Card. This data guarantees that you obtain the NYSC uniform in the proper size, along with other necessities.

How to Print NYSC Green Card

You can print your NYSC Green Card once you have finished all the requirements, including uploading your documents and making your payment. Take these actions:

Go to to access the NYSC portal.

2) Press the “Login” button and provide your password and registered email address.

3) Press the “Resume” button to access your dashboard.

4) Find “Print Slip” and press the icon.

A new screen with a preview of your Green Card will appear once you click “Print slip,” as seen below.

5) On the preview page, there are two small icons in the upper right corner. One is for printing, and the other is for downloading.

6) Select the appropriate arrow, either 1 or 2, to print or download.

It should be noted that although you are free to print your Green Card several times, only two copies—one original and one photocopy—are needed for the orientation camp. See how to print the NYSC call-up letter as well.

After the NYSC Green Card is printed, what happens next?

1. Sign it: Please sign the green card in the space provided on the slip’s right bottom side using Biro ink. Put the date you signed next to your signature as well.

2. Photocopy: Produce approximately four (4) copies of the endorsed version.

3. Preserve it: You’ll need to present your Green Card during the NYSC Orientation Camp, so preserve it.

4. Await the call-up letter: Following a few days from the printing of your green card, you will receive a call-up letter from NYSC. View the official sample of a call-up letter.

In summary

One of the most important steps in the registration process for potential corps members in Nigeria is printing their NYSC Green Card. You can make sure that printing goes smoothly and successfully by following the detailed instructions in this article.