Radford University College Cut Off Points 2024/2025

Radford University College has set the cut-off points for the 2024/2025 academic year. If you are an aspiring student of Radford University College and are eager to know the approved cut-off points, Justschoolnews.com provides comprehensive information on the Radford University College cut-off points needed for admission.

It is crucial to meet specific criteria before being admitted to pursue courses in any tertiary institution in Ghana. This includes satisfying the required cut-off points for both the school and the individual courses. Meeting the prescribed cut-off mark significantly increases the chances of gaining admission to a particular course.

The Radford University College cut-off points for 2024/2025 plays an important role in determining who gains entry into the institution and the course they are offered.

Prospective students can use the Radford University College cut-off points as a guide when selecting their courses or programs. Students should compare their grades against the Radford University College Cut-Off Points 2024/2025 to ascertain whether they qualify for admission into their desired program.

Please note that these cut-off points serve as a guideline and are not fixed.

For a detailed breakdown of the Radford University College Cut-Off Points 2024/2025, see below:

Radford University College Cut-Off Points 2024/2025

Details of the Radford University College cut-off points for 2024:

Programme 2024/2025
College of Basic and Applied Sciences
B.Sc. Agriculture 24
B.Sc. Family & Consumer Sciences 24
B.Sc. Engineering Sciences 14
B.Sc. Mathematical Sciences 18
B.Sc. Information Technology 15
B.Sc. Physical Sciences 24
B.Sc. Earth Science 18
B.Sc. Biological Science 24
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 15
College of Health Sciences
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 7
Bachelor of Dental Surgery 10
Bachelor of Pharmacy 8
Bachelor of Nursing 12
B.Sc. Dental Laboratory Sciences 16 1st Choice 2nd Choice: 10
B.Sc. Dietetics 16
B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Sciences 12 1st Choice
B.Sc. Midwifery 20
B.Sc. Occupational Therapy 16 1st Choice
B.Sc. Physiotherapy 16 1st Choice 2nd Choice: 10
B.Sc. Radiography 16 1st Choice 2nd Choice: 10
College of Humanities
Bachelor of Laws 7
B.Sc. Administration Regular 8
B.Sc. Administration Fee-paying
B.Sc. Administration, City Campus
Bachelor of Arts: General Arts Background 16/17
Bachelor of Arts—Fee-paying
Bachelor of Arts: Business/Science/Vocational Background 12
Bachelor of Arts, City Campus
Bachelor of Fine Arts
College of Education
Bachelor of Arts in Education 24
Bachelor of Science in Education 24
Bachelor of Arts—Distance Education 30
Bachelor of Science in Administration—Distance Education 26
B.Sc. Information Technology—Distance Education 30

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Graduate Study Classifications

Degree Program: Any curriculum structured to lead to the attainment of a master’s degree, Educational Specialist degree, or doctoral degree.

Certificate: A program intended to result in the acquisition of a post-baccalaureate certificate.

Initial Teaching Licensure: A program designed to lead to the acquisition of initial teaching licensure.

Non-degree Seeking: Enrollment in one or more courses for purposes other than pursuing a degree, certificate, or initial licensure.

Kindly remember that these cut-off points are subject to change and may be updated by Radford University College in the future.

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