UNILAG African Cluster Centre Postdoctoral Fellowship 2024

The postdoctoral fellowship in African studies for 2024 has officially begun accepting applications, according to the esteemed University of Lagos African Cluster Centre (Lagos ACC). This is an opportunity that should not be missed by scholars with an interest in African and Diaspora Studies.


The fellowship, which has a maximum tenure of six months, aims to close the knowledge gap between academia and actual problems affecting Africa, Africans, and the Diaspora. It receives support from the renowned African Multiple Cluster of Excellence, which is located at the University of Bayreuth. This program, which is a tremendous endeavor, is introduced under the gracious auspices of Germany’s Excellence Strategy.

This exceptional fellowship is designed specifically for junior faculty members and emerging academics at the beginning of their careers. This platform will be of great use to those whose research interests revolve around African Studies and the lofty goal of redefining the field of African Studies.

The Hosting Institute

The Institute of African and Diaspora Studies (IADS), which is housed within the Lagos ACC, will serve as the academic home for successful fellows. The IADS promotes an interdisciplinary research approach and takes pride in being one of West Africa’s most dynamic academic research organizations. Its primary goal is to bring attention to issues that concern both Africa and the continent’s large Diaspora.

Fellowship Dynamics

Each selected candidate will be given the opportunity to:

  • Work together while being mentored by a seasoned professional in each field.
  • Engage in a variety of research projects that are relevant to their project.
  • During the fellowship period, you must publish a research publication in a prestigious peer-reviewed journal.
  • Participate in the IADS’s educational sector.
  • As a member of the prestigious IADS Monthly Lecture Series, present a talk.

The fellowship guarantees to cover:

  • Travel expenses.
  • Accommodation costs.
  • A monthly stipend for day-to-day needs.

UNILAG African Cluster Centre Postdoctoral Fellowship Eligibility

The candidate must possess the following:

  • When applying, the candidate must already be a Ph.D. holder;
  • Possess research experience with an emphasis on Africa, either for the Ph.D. or other projects.
  • An academic or scientific career that they are actively pursuing;
  • Publish work in a field of expertise of your choosing;
  • Upon completion of the fellowship, the applicant must, per visa rules, be prepared to return to the nation of which they are a citizen or current resident.
  • An African academic institution, ideally one of the ACCs or the University of Bayreuth, must be the applicant’s primary place of residence.

How to Apply for UNILAG African Cluster Centre Postdoctoral Fellowship

Please email iads@unilag.edu.ng an application package with the following things in one PDF document with the Subject: VISITING FELLOW 2024.

The following information ought to be in the application package:

  • First Name and Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Home Address
  • MA Degree(s) (Discipline, University, Year)
  • Ph.D. Degree: (Discipline, Dissertation Title, University, Year)
  • Current Employment
  • List of any relevant paid positions in the last five years
  • Name of Lagos-ACC Principal Investigator (PI) that you would like to collaborate with.
  • CV (listing five relevant publications;).

The research proposal should contain:

  • Title of research proposal
  • Research proposal (max. 1500 words):
  • Scholarly and/or applied relevance to Lagos-ACC interest (max 500):
  • Work plan
  • The state intended research activities during the fellowship, month by month, and note that the Research area must be linked to one of the six Research Sections of the Cluster.
  • The plan should state the intended outputs of collaboration, such as events, Lectures, publications, etc.
  • Two letters of recommendation, (one should be from the present employer)
  • A statement from a Lagos-ACC PI stating his/her willingness to collaborate with you.
  • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Applications must be submitted in English..

The University of Lagos African Cluster Centre’s extensive resources and experience are available to academics who take up this scholarship, giving them a fantastic opportunity to advance their research goals. This unmatched intellectual adventure is one you shouldn’t miss.

We hope you find this post both fascinating and informative. For more inquires please send all questions to iads@unilag.edu.ng.